Terms and conditions of use

All of our digital downloads can be used digitally or printed/cut. Take note that printed colors can vary from colors seen on screen, especially with aqua/teal color tones. This is due to a printer's limited color capability compared to computer monitors. Monitors have a much larger range of color capability than printers.


~~~~~~~~~~TERMS OF USE OF IMAGES~~~~~~~~~~


Copyright of all images remains with Kalindiprints at all times. Upon purchase, you are licensed to use the images for personal use and small business/small commercial use as follows:


****Personal use to include (but not limited to)****

-personal projects such as paper crafts and cards, scrapbook, photo cards, collages, invitations, etc

-personal blog, personal Facebook page, personal website, avatar, shop banner

-personal business cards, personal branding

-tags, labels, stickers for your artwork

-backdrops for your own photography business


****Small commercial use****

-approved use in your own shop banner

-approved use on business websites

-approved use to incorporate design into your business logo

-approved use on printed items not for sale (unlimited quantity)

-approved use on merchandise for sale in quantities under 200 to include but not limited to stationary, canvases, paper, cards, custom printable, etc. The design cannot be used "as is" for resale unless it is being reproduced into a photography backdrop. Otherwise, it must be incorporated into a new design, and not be more than half of the total image being produced (except for photography backdrops). Don't hesitate to send us a message with any questions or for consideration. =)



The purchase of the extended use listing allows use of designs in product sale quantities greater than 200 for the designs in the pack purchased with the Extended Use. All other terms for small commercial use still apply with Extended Use. Extended use will simply allow you to sell quantities more than 50 that have our designs used in them. Extended Use would need to be purchased for every paper pack to be used in resale quantities greater than 50.



-Distributing the files or images purchased (for sale or for free)

-Uploading designs in any format onto stock art sites such as iStock and Shutterstock, or print on demand sites such as Zazzle and CafePress.

-using the designs in questionable, obscene, or offensive content