About us

My name is Natasha. I'm originally from Ukraine, but living in US for 13 years already. 
As long as I remember myself I always was attracted to Art and Craft. I remember myself spending hours to create paper dolls and cloth for them. Also, I love other creative stuff, like drawing, painting, knitting... you name it. :)
I'm a professional Web designer and I feel very lucky to do what I love for the living.
I love doing digital art, like clipart or patterns. It is kind of meditation for me. I just wish I have more time for creation. 

I'm attracted by Indian philosophy and culture and this is why my store named Kalindi, who is Goddess of river Yamuna, the favorite river of Lord Krishna.

I love what I'm doing, I hope you can feel it in my product. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.